iCare EIDON is a line of premium wide field early fundus systems. These are the world's first TrueColor systems based on confocal laser scanning ophthalmoscopy (SLO) technology. The line includes 3 models: EIDON, EIDON AF, EIDON FA.

iCare EIDON uses white light LED to provide TrueColor imaging with no distortion and superior color fidelity. Using white light led, the retina appears as it looks when directly observed, as the entire visible spectrum is present in the captured image.

The Ultra-Widefield module enables a view of the retina from 120° with a single shot, and up to 200° with the Mosaic functionality.

iCare EIDON offers crisp and sharp widefield images representing the actual appearance of the retina in multiple imaging modalities. White LED illumination provides high-quality TrueColor images, Red-free filtering enhances visualization of retina vasculature, blue images provide improved view of the Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) and the red channel allows light to penetrate into the deep layers of the retina. Infrared light provides detailed information corresponding to the choroid.

With the advantage of video acquisition capability, the iCare EIDON FA captures a clear, sharp, and detailed dynamic video view accurately and efficiently. The video lets you choose the best from multiple frames to accurately document the pathology.