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The 6th annual Congress on OCT angiography and the latest imaging technologies in ophthalmology will be held on June 6, 2024 in Moscow. We invite all of you — ophthalmologists, observers, engineers, specialists, specialists in the field of artificial intelligence — to join our group. The Congress program is now being formed, and each of you can become not only an observer, but also an active participant in this event. Send applications for participation with reports and interesting clinical cases to:

See you in Moscow at the design site LOFT #3 MONTBLANC Quarter LOFT HALL

OCTA 2023
About the Congress
OCT-angiography is a new non-invasive technology for studying the blood flow of the retina and choroid,
which undoubtedly claims to become the diagnostic standard in ophthalmology in the coming years.
Already today ideas about the pathogenesis and classification of many diseases have changed due to OCTA.
The goal of the Congress is to unite like-minded people: doctors, engineers, researchers in the field of OCTA,
to create a platform in which it will be possible to discuss pressing issues and share their discoveries,
and we are sure that with each passing year there will be more and more!
OCTA 24 registration
Registration fee
Attention! Registration deadline is May, 27 2024
Moscow, Leninskaya Sloboda str., 26, p. 15
News and events
ICOOR 2023
From November 30 to December 3, the 11th International Conference on OCT and OCT Angiography ICOOR 2023 was held in Rome.
Russia was represented at the Сongress by Dmitry Maltsev, who made two reports there.
Mocean 4000
Mocean 4000 - a new product with a Great Future!

The presence of a laser scanning ophthalmoscope is a distinctive feature of Mocean 4000. This fact brings this Chinese to the level of the best European manufacturers of OСT. MOPTIM company, founded in 2003, confidently holds the first place.

The name MOPTIM stands for Medical Optical Imaging. Since 2005, MOPTIM has been cooperating with Tsinghua University and is a co-founder of a research laboratory engaged in advanced research in the field of OCT and OCTA.

Now Mocean 4000 optical coherence tomograph is being registered, but we hope that in the near future it will successfully work in diagnostic rooms.
ICOOR 2021
On December 17-18, 2021, the annual, ninth in a row, International Conference on OCT and OCT angiography ICOOR 2021 was held in Rome.
"Ecology and Human Health
in the North"
Yakutsk hosted the annual Congress "Ecology and Human Health
in the North"
Professional development cycle on OCT completed
At the end of February, the cycle of advanced training for ophthalmologists "Optical coherence tomography in ophthalmology: theory and practice" was completed.
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